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Tarot and Oracle Card Readings


*Single card draw for specific question- $10

*3 card draw for situation- $25

*30 minute interactive session via messenger- $65

Other Divination         Readings


*I-Ching Reading-


*Pendulum Sessions:

*5 min- $15

*10 min- $30

 30 MIN- $65

  *These are recorded and sent to you by email


  Animal Guide           Sessions


*Initial connection session with delivery of messages- $50

*Multi-guide session with animal spirit card reading- $75

*30 min Lower world Shamanic journey session with animal guides- $100

Healing Sessions


*Message for quote- prices vary depending on what is needed

  Ritual and Spell          Writing


*Message for quote- prices vary depending on complexity

   Soul Work


*30 minute session-     $60

*60 minute session-   $115

*3 month plan- One 60 minute session a month for 3 months-


Contact me today to book your session!        

Restorative Outdoor          Sessions 

* 90 minute session-



* 2 hour session- 


* Day session (approximately 4-5 hours)


*All sessions take place in CO open spaces/ parks within 2 hours of Denver. 

*All sessions include a guided meditation outdoors

*These sessions do require some hiking so appropriate attire is a must. We can discuss fitness level at the booking.

*Transportation/ water/ snacks are your responsibility

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