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Self-Care for Witches, Empaths, and Other Sensitives

By now I am sure that most of you have heard the phrase, "If you don't take care of yourself first, you end up not being able to take care of anyone." We all need a little self-care and I'm not just talking about bubble baths and expensive lattes. Although those are both little ways in which we can nurture ourselves, for those of us that are highly sensitive, it goes well beyond that. Our energy levels can be depleted quickly and we will have a harder time recovering from it if we are not practicing self-care. These things do not have to be elaborate nor do they require an expensive all-out spa day. While self-care can be quite different from person to person, there are a few things that I have found to be useful and I feel that they could easily be applied to most individuals.


There are many ways in which one can ground themselves and their energy. Some can work immediately and others may take several minutes to take effect. Below is a list of proven grounding techniques. It doesn't hurt to try them all out to see which one or combination is best for you.

* Using crystals/ natural stones with grounding properties such as:

* Hematite

* Smoky Quartz

* Shungite

* Jasper, especially Red Jasper

* Carnelian

* Any other stones that stimulate the Root Chakra

* Connecting with Mother Earth. This can be done in several ways. There's a reason why "Grounding" is also called "Earthing". It can be as simple as placing your bare feet upon the Earth for a few minutes. Sitting outside with your back against a tree is another great way to ground yourself. If you have the time to commit, getting out for a hike is always helpful in connecting with Mother Earth. Touch the trees as you pass by, pick up stones for examination, and take a few minutes just to stop, close your eyes and breathe in all of the nature smells around you.

* Visualization. This is the part where you envision a light coming down through your body and into the ground below you. This is a process that typically takes a few minutes. I have gotten particularly good at this one since it can be done anywhere and can usually achieve it within a minute and sometimes as little as 30 seconds. If you're having trouble with this one, message me and I am happy to provide a guided service for you.


Taking the time to regularly cleanse your energy field and aura is a wonderful way to care for yourself and is imperative if you are highly sensitive. Even with a protective shield in place, we can still absorb unwanted energy from other people and our environment. This can be as simple as a mindful shower first thing in the morning in which you are envisioning the soap and water

you are using to also cleanse your spirit as well as your physical body. Water is highly restorative in this way. A cleansing bath with candles and essential oils in the evening before bed is another way to use water's healing properties. Creating a sacred space that is just for you is highly recommended for any other types of energy work you might try such as chakra balancing and cleansing meditations. Using sage to smudge yourself within this sacred space is yet another way you can cleanse your energy field while also keeping your space free of negative energy.

Physical Care

Taking care of your physical self better equips you for taking care of your emotional self. Yes, I get that some of you may not be workout fiends and that is perfectly okay. However, some type of daily movement is necessary to keep the home of our spirit in shape. It will also help to expel any excess energy that may be lingering about. There are simple ways to make this happen. Here are a few:

* Simple step counting with a pedometer (if you have an iPhone, the health app automatically tracks your steps for the day). Be mindful of how many steps you are taking in a day. If you have a sedentary job, make a conscious effort to take more steps by using the stairs vs. the elevator or parking at the end of the grocery store lot. While these are not Zumba equivalent, it certainly beats doing nothing.

* If your job allows, maybe take a walk at lunchtime, or if not, just take a light stroll through the neighborhood after dinner.

* Yoga (and/or Pilates) is great for the mind and the body and can help to clear your energy all

on its own.

* Get on a bicycle. This is a fun and easy way to cruise your neighborhood and it gets you more active. Install a basket on your bike so that if you only have a few things to buy, you can take it to the store instead of the car.

Taking care of the physical self also includes things like eating well and as silly as it may seem, staying well hydrated. For those of you that detest water, try using an infuser to add fresh fruit flavor or even carbonated water with fruit flavor. Green and herbal teas are yet another way to hydrate that is also good for you. Limiting added sugar and processed food items will keep your body happy. It is okay to indulge every now and then but it is best to eat a simple, well-balanced, and healthy diet on a daily basis.

Don't forget to include sleeping well when making a list of ways to care for your body. Getting proper rest will ensure that your body has a way of recharging itself. Our physical, mental, and emotional health definitely suffer when there is a constant lack of sleep. Set up an evening routine so that your body can wind down. Try to avoid doing work while in bed or in the bedroom period. It creates an energy in the room that is not conducive to a good night's sleep. Also, limit television and other electronic devices before bed. Skip the e-reader and go with an old-fashioned book if your nightly routine includes reading.


This topic is probably the most important of them all and yet it is one of the hardest to live by. Why? Because we often overlook our own feelings, pain, trauma, ect. in order to live out our daily lives. We feel like we cannot get too wrapped up in our own issues because:

1) it's selfish. Okay, first of all, it is never selfish to take care of yourself (unless you're spending crazy money that you don't have while your family suffers. That is more self-indulgence and not self-care). Remember that you must take care of yourself so that you can take care of others. Eventually, you wear yourself down so much that it will become nearly impossible to keep functioning at a level that is beneficial to others.

2) it's time-consuming. Well, maybe, but so what? This is for the betterment of you and your entire being. It is worth the time it takes, I promise. And you know the saying, "Rome wasn't built in a day."

3) it hurts and is often complicated. Yes, it may hurt and some of it may be very complicated. Try tackling the easier stuff first. That way you're at least taking baby steps. If you can see progress there, then moving on to the harder stuff won't seem so daunting. Find someone you can talk things through with whether it is a family member, spouse, friend, or a therapist. Sometimes, just having that person that you know you can tell anything to is a relief in itself.

4) there's a fear of not being able to put it back in the bottle once it's out. This may very well be true. The real question is, will there be any benefit to you by bottling it back up? Likely, the answer is no. I understand that you may want to "repack" some of those more complicated issues but, guess what? The universe may not let you and YOU HAVE TO BE OK WITH THAT. If it cannot be put back into its neat little bottle, then that just means it is truly time to deal with it.

You need to take time to acknowledge what is going on within your being. Talk to yourself. Don't deny your pain, your feelings, or your baggage. Dealing with these issues will take you a long way on the road of self-care to self-healing.

Just a Few More...

There are a few other ways to practice self-care:

* The simple art of mindfulness is one. Be in that moment, right then. Try eating mindfully, relishing every bite, all of the textures and flavors.

* Set reminders to go off throughout the day that causes you to pause a moment and just breathe.

* DO indulge every now and then. Order the dessert, save up for those boots you've been eyeing, get the expensive latte instead of your normal home-brewed java, you pick! Whatever it means to you to indulge a bit, don't be afraid of it.

* Set aside time every week that is "your time". Start with an hour a week and try scheduling more from there. If you're a busy mom running around like crazy, that may mean splitting that time up into increments, which is fine as long as you're sticking to it. Let everyone in the house know when that time is scheduled to ensure that you get your quiet, alone time.

Those of us that are sensitive or that are constantly working with energy, like my fellow empaths and witches, are more prone to becoming drained than others. It is imperative that we nurture ourselves. We cannot continue to help those that we are supposed to if our own energy levels are depleted. This makes for unfinished healing sessions, half-assed spells, and poor quality energy work in general. When you complete a session or ritual, check-in with yourself. Do you need to do a quick grounding exercise or do you need to go home and sage? Be realistic with how you are doing. Self-care is an everyday thing. Take the time that is needed to keep yourself well and everyone wins in the long run. Peace, Love, and Light. Blessed Be.

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