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Rabbit Animal Guide

Rabbit, the iconic symbol of the spring season.

Rabbits live on every continent except Antarctica, thus appearing in the mythologies and folklore of different cultures around the world. "The Ojibwe and other Algonquin tribes associate the rabbit with their god, Nanabozho. He is a creator deity who named all of the world’s plants and animals. For the Aztecs, the rabbit symbolized fertility, drinking, and parties. The Aztecs told stories about the Centzon Totochtin, which consisted of 400 rabbit gods. Evidence of the ancient Egyptians celebrating springtime in ways that are similar to how many of us celebrate Easter today date back to at least 2300 BC. The Egyptians depicted hares, eggs, the sunrise, and the resurrection of their god Osiris in the Book of the Dead, other hieroglyphs, and artwork. The Celts also associated rabbits with fairies, believing the two communicated when they were underground. The Celts also believed certain people could shape shift into rabbits, thus they had taboos about killing them. In some Buddhist stories, Buddha is said to have been a hare in an earlier incarnation." *from UniGuide: Stories and Guides for Nature Lovers and Spiritual Seekers by Kristen M. Stanton

Rabbits symbolize fertility, sensitivity, gentleness, haste, new beginnings, the moon, prosperity, and good luck.

Many of us have heard the term "breeding like rabbits". This is because rabbits reach sexual maturity at a very young age, sometimes as early as 2-3 months old and females can have several litters a year. If you and your partner need a little extra help with fertility, call on Rabbit to assist you with the magick. Rabbit can also help with other types of "fertility" such as manifestation or garden witch work to help with soil fertility. Because of this, Rabbit is also associated with prosperity.

Rabbits are highly sensitive creatures. Their large ears help them perceive noises that we cannot along with their large, round eyes that take in everything. If Rabbit has hopped into your life, they could be telling you that there is an issue you need to be more sensitive about. If Rabbit is your life animal guide, then you are more than likely a highly sensitive person.

With their quiet, gentle nature, Rabbit reminds us to treat ourselves gently. Stay clear of behaviors that affect you negatively. They also remind us that others are walking their own soul journey and that we should be kind, empathetic and compassionate.

Is Rabbit dashing through your dreams? This could be telling you that there is an issue or circumstance that needs to be handled with haste or on the flip side, you might be acting in haste and should take caution.

A woman's cycle follows the moon, a 28-day cycle just as the moon circles the earth in 28 days. Because women's menstruation is a sign of her fertility, it isn't a far stretch to see how the Rabbit (a symbol of fertility) became associated with the moon as well. Rabbit would be a powerful ally to call upon during the new or waxing moon for intentions and manifestation magick.

Are you looking to start over? A new home, a new career, a new relationship or getting out of one and on your own, or possibly your spiritual path? As a symbol of spring which is all about renewal and new beginnings, call on Rabbit to help assist you with the transition.

While Rabbit may seem like a small and shy creature, we should not take their magick for granted. Rabbit's energy will work side by side with you for fertility, luck and prosperity, and new beginnings.

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