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Plant and Animal Magick of the Spring

The trees are heavy with buds. The grass is beginning to green again as tulips and daffodils and other early flowers sprout and bloom, bringing splashes of color all around. The days are growing longer and warmer and Spring is knocking on our door. Animals are emerging from their winter nap, completely twitterpated and ready to find a mate. Soon the mothers will be heavy with pregnancy and baby animals will be scurrying about.

Springtime holds the magick of new beginnings, fertility, and hope. The plants and animals that are symbolic of the season hold their own magick. When we align with these plant and animal allies, they can bring us messages and guidance as well as help us with our magickal workings.

Springtime Plant Allies

Most witches and spiritual people are aware of animal guides but Shamans believe that we can also have plant guides and allies. If we work with a plant enough, it may one day teach you its song so that you can call the energy to you without needing the physical plant.

Crocus, daffodils, tulips, and cherry and apple blossoms are wonderful springtime plant allies. Some bloom very early in the season while the others bring the color into May.

Crocus Magick

Crocus are one of the first plants to break through the Earth, oftentimes still cold and frozen in winter’s icy grip. Because of this, it is a harbinger of the spring to come- light, warmth, and hope. They are often present in Ostara celebrations. This flower holds the energy of new beginnings thus making it a powerful ally in any spell work related to starting over and beginning anew. These early spring flowers are associated with goddesses Venus and Aphrodite and through that, love. Crocus is helpful in any spell or ritual work for love, self-love, friendship, relationships, and peace.

Daffodil Magick

In most areas, the daffodils are making their debut around Ostara, holding the energies of fertility as well as new beginnings. Like the crocus, the daffodil can be used in workings for beginnings. They are often considered lucky flowers as well so place bulbs or flowers on your altar for spells and rituals for luck, prosperity, and abundance. These sunshiny flowers are also wonderful allies for happiness and joy. They too align with Venus and can be used in love/ relationship workings but take care- this flower is also known as narcissus and like its namesake, love can grow to be one sided.

Tulip Magick

Like daffodils, tulips typically emerge and bloom around Ostara. This flower is often used for prosperity magick but because it comes in a variety of shades, color magick also comes into play. Pink can be used for self-love and friendship, red for love and passion, white for purification and forgiveness. Like the crocus and daffodil, the tulip is aligned with feminine energies and the planet/ goddess Venus, making it an ally in fertility magick. Tulips are also known to be protective flowers so planting them around your front and back doors will help to guard your home.

Cherry and Apple Blossom Magick

The trees will eventually bear fruit, so both cherry and apple blossoms are a promise of what is to come. Because of this, they can both be used in divination spells. They can also be used to boost manifesting spells and rituals, as well as in charm bags for this purpose. Apples are a symbol of the goddess and Divine Feminine energy and can be used in fertility spells. The saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” comes from the notion that it brings good health so using the blossoms in potions or tinctures will facilitate this. Cherry blossoms hold the energy of abundance and prosperity so including them in your money spells will amplify them. They are also uplifting and can drive negative energies away.

Springtime Animal Allies

Witches, “wise people”, and Shamans have been working with animal energies for millenia. Rabbits and hares, lambs, chicks, and bees are all associated with springtime and often come to us to deliver messages or offer guidance. They can also be called upon to bring animal medicine to those in need.

Rabbits and Hares

These animals are one of the most prominent symbols of spring. Both rabbits and hares are

associated with fertility and can be called upon to assist with these workings. They are also a symbol of luck and fortune so include them in spells or rituals for prosperity and good luck. The rabbit and hare are known for their timid and skittish nature. One may call upon them to help them with anxiety or fear in social situations. Because they are quick and move in unpredictable patterns to avoid prey, if rabbit comes to you as a messenger, she could be telling you that you need to make some quick decisions or add spontaneity to your life.


Lambs are known for their innocence and purity and because of this, they make wonderful allies for inner child work and healing. Lamb’s energy can be called upon to help you to get in touch with the softer, more vulnerable side of yourself. While following the laws set forth by the government can be a good thing, the lamb often comes to us when we need to break away from conformity so that we are free to think for ourselves.


Baby chicks represent new life and hope. Because they have just hatched from their eggs, they are a sign that manifestation is at work. The egg they come from represents the fertility of the season and the wishes and desires that we are wanting to manifest over the spring season and into the summer. When the chicks emerge, it is showing us that these things are beginning to come to life for us. Yellow chicks in particular represent the Sun energy that is beginning to warm Mother Earth again and the vibrancy of life that is springing up all around us.


Bees are one of the most important animals on our planet. Without them, our plant food sources would perish due to lack of pollination. These tiny creatures represent new beginnings and life. They also remind us that hard work pays off and we will soon be able to enjoy the sweetness of life. Being busy in the spring time and early summer with putting in the effort to support the process of manifestation will pay off when it comes time to harvest. Bees also show us that while we may go about our business, doing our job and living our life, we must also take action if we are threatened and that it is okay to sting if necessary.

The plants and animals of the Spring hold powerful magick that we can put to good use if we only call upon them. They love supporting us as long as we are respectful and not dismissive when they come forward to teach us and help us grow. How will you use the energy and magick of Spring plant and animal allies?

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