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Balancing Your Spiritual Energy

For all of us witches, energy workers, empaths, and other highly sensitive people out there, if your spiritual energy becomes unbalanced, you will begin to feel it. These imbalances can eventually manifest into very real physical symptoms. If you are getting sick often, continually have an upset stomach, struggle with anxiety and/or depression, or suffer from adrenal fatigue, these issues, and many more can be linked to manifestations of energetic imbalances. As my High Priestess would say, "Is this a physical manifestation of an energetic problem?"

Your energy centers, or chakras, need loving care, just like the rest of you. There is a multitude of ways to balance each one individually but for today, let’s focus on the whole. Tried and true, these simple workings can make a big difference for your overall spiritual and

energetic health.

* Breath-work: The simple act of sitting still and focusing on your breath can do wonders when it comes to realigning your spiritual energy. When you concentrate on the breath, it gets you out of your head, bringing attention to the feeling of the body. It also helps to release tension and pent up emotions. When we can release, it naturally brings us back to our center. There are many downloadable sessions out there or printouts that will walk you through the different exercises.

* Meditation: Take the breath-work a step further and sink into a meditation. A deep meditation is highly restorative as it brings you to your true self. Let all those thoughts and troubles slip away for just a while. You simply exist as pure awareness in those moments and this allows the energy centers to purge and heal themselves. Meditation can also be used to unblock specific chakras as well as ground our overall energy.

* Yoga: Like breath-work, yoga is a concentration on the breath but taken even further as it is

applied to movement, stretching, and holding poses. It too gets you out of your head and into your body. The unique combination of poses and breath work can unblock your energy centers, releasing the vital life force, or prana and thus helping to realign your spiritual energy. You can attend a class or practice within your own home. There are apps and streaming available for various forms of yoga as well as those sequences that focus on the chakras.

* Nature walks: Walking within nature fosters mindfulness of the earth beneath your feet, the air that you breathe, and the natural sounds around you. When you are focused on the trail in front of you, the sounds and smells of Mother Earth, and even animal friend encounters, it gets you out of your head. Studies have shown that a connection with nature is one way to reduce stress, and other harmful emotions, as well as ground your energy. This helps to keep you mentally,

emotionally, and physically healthy while also realigning your spiritual energy.

Music: Music, tones, and chanting can be utilized to balance the chakras. Each one responds to a specific sound-healing frequency known as solfeggio frequencies. These frequencies make up an ancient 6-tone scaled used in sacred music and chanting. Music or sounds that generate these vibrations help balance and assist with the flow of energy and bring you back into balance. You can listen to these tones or chanting but I have found that when I follow along and chant myself, it brings about greater changes within my energy field. Tibetan singing bowls are another tool that creates a frequency to unblock the energies of the chakras.

Being aware of and taking your energetic health into your own hands is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. These simple yet very effective methods will help you ensure your spiritual energy stays balanced. Take care!

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