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Lady Rieka Moonsong


Wiccan High Priestess, Andean-trained mesa-carrying Shaman, healer, teacher, writer, nature goddess, Priestess and Daughter of The Morrigan

About Me

I have always been a witch and a shaman; I just didn't know what to call it. I have felt the heartbeat of Mother Earth since I was a child. I have seen and spoken with spirits for as long as I can remember. My animal spirit/ power totem, Tala the wolf, appeared to me as a scared little girl. Her presence was reassuring and at that time, she was as real for me in this reality as I am today. I was always “different” and I knew it at a very young age. All of these gifts were signs from the universe that I would someday answer the Call from Spirit, and walk the way of the Witch and the Shaman.  Being a Witch and a Shaman is who I am. It’s simply a part of me and always has been. My covenant with Spirit is that I will be the hollow bone, the conduit, allowing messages and healing to flow through me.  I am learning to show up for myself as much as I have for others so that as I am healing myself, I am also helping to heal the world.  My deep connection with Mother Earth keeps me grounded so that I may walk in balance, one toe in this reality, one toe in the other, that of Spirit, a walker-between the worlds.  By answering this call, that of Spirit to walk this path, I am now able to share my light and my gifts, giving back in service to my community.  I am the bridge between this reality and the world of Spirit.  I am Witch. I am Shaman.



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