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Meet Roberta Binder, Feng Shui Master
        I have been a lifelong student. Leaving my technical business career behind to become the owner of an environmental emporium, I began to explore alternative studies in the early 1990s. This lead me to exploring and mastering such many modalities as: intuitive healing, aromatherapy, goddess and woman's studies. It wasn't long before Feng Shui questions began to creep into conversations with my customers and I was at a complete loss for answers. I began exploration with Carolyn Grace Perrong, a Pennsylvania Master. 

        Since those early fundamental lessons, I expanded my knowledge of Feng Shui by working with many diverse instructors, mentors and masters, whose teachings provided rounded training in both United States and Asian schools. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to spend many years studying with Native American Elders from both Oglala Lakota and Cherokee Nations.

    My focus has always been on building an Instinctive Practice, reflecting the comfort level of most individuals in the United States. Recently, I began expanding my  knowledge of incorporating crystals through grid work. This has enriched and expanded my Feng Shui Toolbox.

Holistic Studies include:

*  Intuitive Energy Studies
*  Aromatherapy Certification
*  Feng Shui Certification 
*  Earth Geomancy, 5 Levels
Cherokee Intensive, 5 Years
Goddess Intensive, 2 Years
Stone Medicine

        "A student of many Esoteric Studies...a lifelong Love of learning, 
I practice living a Holistic Lifestyle, consciousness that
Mitakuye Oyasin (we are all related) and
the Earth is Our MotherWE must take care of Her."