Sacred Earth Wisdom Opportunities

Life is a long...sometimes mysterious...always winding trail. It is filled with many options to invite Peace and Balance to journey forward, enabling happiness and ease by reconnecting with your innate creativity.

Feng Shui Opportunities

Creating a Feng Shui Crystal Grid

     Custom Crystal Grids, for your home or office. Created on an individual basis to     focus on family or busines needs and appropriate goals for the space.
Grid pricing varies depending on the focus and crystals included.

Property Analysis
 Feng Shui for home, property, office, business. Consultations available to include the options most beneficial for your needs:

​    Complete Feng Shui Needs Analysis with verbal report containing suggested
    recommendations. This would cover: land geomancy, space clearing action points,
    and feng shui balancing notes. 

    Earth Geomancy and Earth Acupuncture analysis. It is most beneficial to be     onsite to do this work. Onsite projects would include energetic clearing of any             issues that are present. 

    Energetic Space Clearing, Cleaning and Clearing all stagnant, unwanted,
    negative, stuck, yucky energies (chi) in house and/or property (office, or business). 

  When do you want/need Feng Shui?

     *  Moving into a new house - begin your new life with a house blessing and
      space clearing prior to the move. Completing a thorough cleansing
      of the previous residents energetic imprint prepares a clean palette
      for you to establish a new beginning. 

     *  Opening a new business - call me in prior to opening day. A Space Clearing            and Blessing kickstarts your new venture off on correct foot. 

     *  Moving into a new office - clearing out those stagnant energies enable
      a clean and clear fresh start!

     * Putting your property on the market for sale - Energetic Space Clearing
      to release the attachments that it holds of your energy will help it sell faster.